Sunkissed Bronzing -Fake Tan Holy Grail!

If you know me, you’ll be fully aware of my obsession with fake tan. I can’t get enough of the stuff, I blame it on my (naturally) typical Irish looks; skin that pale it would rival Edward Cullen’s, red hair, freckles etc etc. If I so much as look at the sun I turn into a lobster, the idea of a natural tan is one I can only dream of and sorry, but ‘working the pale’ just ain’t gonna happen. I simply look like I’m seriously ill/a vampire/a milk bottle – you get the gist.

So my savior comes in the form of a bottle of fake tan, and trust me I have tried em all! From high end luxury brands such as Xen Tan, Famous Dave’s, Sienna X, to cheap as chips St Moriz and Rimmel, and EVERYTHING in between.


I used to be a devoted St Tropez user before moving on to Xen Tan but this created a significant dent in my wallet, so for the past few months I’ve been using St Moriz mousse. At around £3.99 a bottle you can’t go wrong but recently I’ve been having a few problems with my dear St Moriz, namely, getting the damn stuff off me. Oh I have scrubbed until I am red raw, I’ve used every exfoliating scrub Boots has to offer, tried every trick in the book and yet still I am left with a rather unpleasant sort of scaly-effect, which generally looks like I’ve got some kind of skin disease. Not such a good look.

ANYWHO. A few months back, a good friend went to the PureBeauty Awards in London and brought back a goodie bag which included a new brand of tan I had (gasp!) never seen! It was a brown bottle of tanning mousse called ‘Sunkissed – Sunlight Bronzer’ and I of course jumped at the chance to try it.



Seriously, it’s amazing. Dries instantly leaving a gorgeous natural glow, then develops to a darker, beautiful natural bronze. It doesn’t patch off after a few showers, or give any kind of scaly looking effect, nor does it streak or all suddenly wash off the minute water touches it. It really is amazing. I like quite a dark tan, and 2 coats of this you are good to go,  with a nice dark yet natural bronze tan. It also smells pretty good, more like soap than anything else, and doesn’t come off on clothes at all. It can also be used on your face for a beautiful even finish! It comes in different forms (eg a lotion) but I generally tend to prefer a mousse tan so have yet to try it.

All in all, this is undoubtedly my tanning holy grail! It couldn’t be improved upon AT ALL and for £3.99 a bottle what’s not to love?!

You can buy it all over eBay and Amazon, but you can go to it’s website for full stockists – (and a heads up, that girl in the bikini on the home page? It will literally make you that colour.) But on a recent trip to Tesco’s I saw that they now stock it!  I salute you Tesco, I really do.


Let’s Talk Beauty! Interview Time

As you all know, I, along with thousands of other students out there are feeling the crunch of the recession as well as trying to feed their beauty addiction! So I decided to interview fellow student Ella Turner from Edinburgh, who like me, loves everything beauty, to see if her beloved beauty products would be taking a backseat now she’s a broke student at university…. listen in and let’s see! Thanks to Ella for taking some time out of her busy (cough cough wink wink) revision schedule to have a quick chat with me!

Blog Review! Glamour Magazine

So as part of my university module on online media, I was given the task of evaluating a news media blog, it made sense to me to look at one that covered the same topics and theme as mine. One of my favourite pastimes (and preferred method of procrastination!) is scouring through pages and pages of beauty blogs on the interwebs so I was not at all short of choices when it came to picking one to review! 

I eventually decided on popular women’s magazine ‘Glamour’s online beauty blog called ‘Girls In The Beauty Department’ as it’s my favourite go-to beauty blog!  Not just for the reviews and tips but for the super chatty, friendly tone. So read on to see what I made of the blog!

Topic Selection

The blog is updated daily by various members of the ‘Glamour’ beauty department, with an emphasis primarily on beauty and cosmetics but also expanding to many issues and topics aimed at women’s interest. Alongside the latest celebrity make up looks, and reviews of new releases from the world of cosmetics, looking at the list of archives it is clear there is much wider range of topics. Breast cancer awareness, DIY ideas and health advice are all featured categories, showing a great range of topics that appeal to the type of issues ‘Glamour’ readers are interested in.


Writing Style

The writing style is generally a very chatty, informal, friendly style making it pleasant and often humorous to read, with openings such as, ‘The other day I committed the number one cardinal cosmetic sin: I fell asleep with my makeup on.’ The articles are written as if by a friend and feel highly relatable, with witty anecdotes and often include personal stories from the author which we can identify with, making the reader feel as if they know the author. Overall it is very similar to the writing style featured in the magazine, which is what the reader wants, and feels very appropriate to the topics the blog itself covers.


Use of Hyperlinks, Audio and Video

The blog feels like so much more than just a blog with various social networking links, reader polls and various ways to give feedback, making it as interactive as possible.

The use of hyperlinks is useful although almost too much, with the main posts almost being completely detracted from by each side of the page which are filled with links. A Twitter feed with a link to their Twitter, a Facebook page link with list of members, a link to subscribe to the magazine, links to the most popular entries, links to download the iPhone app, follow them on Tumblr, recommended pages, links to past entries by date or by content – the list goes on and on, and can be overwhelming. Each blog post also comes with options to ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and to ‘Tweet’ it.

The use of audio is not as avid as the use of images or links, with it only really being used when appropriate and necessary, the same when it comes to the use of video. Posts which require an insertion of audio or video to enhance an article are used only in that circumstance and is refreshing to not be bombarded by unnecessary media.



Whilst the blog is highly informative with the regular stream of breaking celebrity and beauty news it can be overwhelming and ‘in your face’ with its use of social networking links and self-promotion, but overall it is one of the best magazine beauty blogs.

Cheap Vs. Chic Make-Up with Pixiwoo!

Ok, we’d all love to be able to splash out on every Chanel foundation and Dior lipstick out there but hey, not many of us can – but panic not my make-up addicts, there’s always a cheaper alternative to those luxury brands and my favourite beauty bloggers Nicola and Samantha (or ‘Pixiwoo’ as they’re known) have gone and done the legwork for us! They’re back on YouTube with their latest video telling us about some fabulous drugstore alternatives.

After watching I knew it was too good not to share with everyone, so here you go! If you want to hear  more from the rather amazing Pixiwoo sisters, then follow this link to their blog!


Hair Care! John Frieda Full Repair Range Review

So this week sees my first hair care review! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my hair products but it’s been a while since anything has been worthy enough of a blog post  – until now. I’m sure you all will have seen or heard about the latest offering from the hair care experts as John Frieda;  their new Full Repair range.


The line features shampoo, conditioner, a deep conditioning mask, split ends spray, heat defence spray – the list goes on, and promises to be the ‘cure for overworked hair’. I picked up the Full Body shampoo and conditioner and have been using them for the past month in order to give you all a good idea of how they really work.


After using them for a while now, I have to say I love them! My hair is totally abused on a regular basis with heat, dye and generally bad maintenance and I really felt like these products helped it out a lot. Not only did they make my hair smoother to touch and visibly shinier, they really helped brighten and revitalise my colour, making it look like I just came out of the salon. The only slight downside I experienced was that it’s promised de-tangling power wasn’t all that, although that may be down to my lack of hair brushing…who knows?

All in all though, this gets the thumbs up from me and I will most definitely be re-purchasing!

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters Review

Hello, beauty lovers! So after hearing a lot of hype about the recently released Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters I decided to pick one up during my recent trip to Boots to see if they are indeed worth all the fuss! I wasn’t really expecting much and thought they would essentially be a tinted lip balm dressed up as a lipstick – how wrong I was.


But firstly, some quick facts about the range. The Lip Butters come in 20 shades and claim to be a ‘buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy, glowing lips.’ Revlon also states that the formula contains mango , shea and cocoa butter to boost lip moisture by 156%. Some steep claims there, but I can safely say they are all well and truly lived up to. They’re also really quite affordable – I think I got mine for around the £6 mark.


I chose shade 005, ‘Sugar Frosting’, a natural baby pink, although all the colours look entirely wearable and perfect summery shades. The first thing I loved about this product was how smoothly it glided onto the lips, making them feel instantly hydrated and smooth. The second thing was the colour; it’s a sheer coverage that can be built up but the colour can be clearly seen. My lips looked beautifully natural, slightly glossy and totally healthy! Such a beautiful, glowing look for summer! I’ve used mine every day since I got it and can’t recommend it enough!

‘Peridot’ Nail Varnish – Chanel Dupes!

If the thought of spending somewhere in the region of £17.50 for a nail varnish is somewhat hard to stomach, then fear not my lovelies, help is at hand in the form of the ever duplicating high street! With Chanel always seeming to be the trend setters when it comes to nail varnishes, at that price it can be hard to keep up, but thankfully the high street have begun the influx of petrol polishes providing a high street price for the latest Chanel shade ‘Peridot’.

Ciate have released ‘Oil Slick’ priced at £9.00 which I thought was a bargain until I saw Topshop’s offering ‘Hidden Treasure’ at an entirely reasonable £6.00!

After comparing all three, I can safely conclude that they are all identical, and all equally stunning. So save yourself the extra money and pick up one of these brilliant dupes!

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