Maybelline Colour Tattoo Creme Eyeshadows

As a broke student with rarely more than a tenner to my name, I was pretty excited to hear that as part of their Eye Studio line, Maybelline were releasing a collection of eye shadow primer pots that were alledgedly set to rival MAC’s Paint Pots. The line features ten shades in jar form and claim to be smudge-proof, crease-proof and last for 24  hours – pretty steep claims to live up to for a drugstore line and any product that says it’ll last 24 hours tends to make me rather skeptical.

However, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt as anything that can save me from the money swallowing clutches of the MAC counter is ok by me! After sampling a few of the shades sent to me from America, I can say they are truly brilliant products and definitely succeeded my expectations.

First of all the wide colour selection is brilliant with neutrals, brights, mattes and frosts all included as well as every colour you could want. However I was admittedly, slightly disappointed to see there wasn’t a dupe for the much loved shade ‘Painterly’ from MAC. The consitency is also to be applauded, with many drugstore eyeshadow creams proving to have horrnedous consistency which crease almost instantly, these are most definietly the exception. They have a thick, quite greasey but very easily blended consistency which dries quickly to a solid colour base   – basically the same as the thick MAC Paint Pots and the Benefit creme eyeshadows.

Too Cool, Audacious Asphalt, Tough as Taupe

Currently there isn’t a release date for these in the UK, but it should be soon as they’ve been out in the States for a while priced at $6. All in all they are definitely worth the hype and are great value for money. For a full range of swatches and a review of all the whole collection check out

Bobbi Brown Rose Gold Collection

If you’re like me and aren’t quite daring enough for the electric neons or bright pastels this season’s spring trends have on offer then this latest collection from Bobbi Brown are sure to become a staple in your make up bag!

The Rose Gold Collection consists of two shimmer brick compacts, four lipglosses and six lipsticks, some of which have been used to create the fresh, classic, glowing look on the model above. The collection was inspired by Bobbi’s personal rose gold wedding band, offering a romantic and simple look that will hit UK make up counters on the 20th of April.

The shimmer compacts are limited edition and come in either ‘Rose Gold’, a soft pink shade with a glowing golden shimmer or ‘Wild Rose’, a pinker toned compact. They can be worn as blushes or each strip can be used as an eyeshadow. Both are warm, soft, feminine and gorgeous!

Rose Gold Shimmer Brick

Wild Rose Shimmer Brick

Next up – the lipglosses! These four shades are to become permanent features of the Bobbi Brown range and are all ‘Rich Colour Glosses’ which, unlike the original glosses, are non-sticky and have much stronger pigmentation. They come in the shades ‘Pink Sorbet’, ‘Angel Pink,’ Pink Gold’ and ‘Pink Cocoa’. At first I was drawn to the shade ‘Pink Gold’ but the large amount of gold shimmer makes it actually a rather unflattering choice. From the look of some sneak peek swatches, I think my personal favourite is  ‘Pink Cocoa’ – I wasn’t initially attracted to it but it looks gorgeous when applied. It’s less girly and pink than the others, definitely more of a sophisticated nude brown colour but with a subtle hint of pink shimmer; a real every day nude with an eye-catching twist.

Rose Gold Collection Lipglosses

Last but not least are the ‘Rich Lip Colour’ lipsticks. These contain SPF 12, come in six shades and like the glosses are to become permanent features. The shades are ‘Miami Coral’, ‘Nude Rose’, ‘Wild Rose’, ‘Beige Gold’, ‘Pink Peony’ and ‘Lilac’ and range from bright raspberry shades to darker rose brown tones all with a very subtle gold shimmer. I have yet to see these in the flesh but from the looks of the promo pictures, I can’t wait to try out ‘Beige Gold’ and ‘Lilac’!

Rose Gold Collection Lipsticks

The whole collection looks gorgeous and will work with all skin tones, giving a romantic feminine look that can be worn both day and night. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the UK and with its universal appeal it’s bound to be a sure-fire hit –  to end with a quote from Bobbi herself, “Rose Gold is an instant prettiness” – so very true!