‘Peridot’ Nail Varnish – Chanel Dupes!

If the thought of spending somewhere in the region of £17.50 for a nail varnish is somewhat hard to stomach, then fear not my lovelies, help is at hand in the form of the ever duplicating high street! With Chanel always seeming to be the trend setters when it comes to nail varnishes, at that price it can be hard to keep up, but thankfully the high street have begun the influx of petrol polishes providing a high street price for the latest Chanel shade ‘Peridot’.

Ciate have released ‘Oil Slick’ priced at £9.00 which I thought was a bargain until I saw Topshop’s offering ‘Hidden Treasure’ at an entirely reasonable £6.00!

After comparing all three, I can safely conclude that they are all identical, and all equally stunning. So save yourself the extra money and pick up one of these brilliant dupes!

Make Up Tutorial; Golden & Glowing

Greetings fellow make up addicts!

Last week I uploaded this really easy glowing  look on my YouTube channel with golden eyes, shimmering cheeks and nude lips and thought I’d share it with you on this. It’s a look I love for a night out and goes beautifully with a tan. Eyes (and cheeks!) have basically all been achieved using the much loved Urban Decay Naked Palette, with MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, my favourite Bourjois lipgloss and bronzer and L’Oreal lashes.

Hope you enjoy! x

Topshop Lash Catcher

When Topshop first brought in their make-up line, I have to admit I was rather sceptical about the products. It was hard to believe a shop so focused on fashion would really produce any kind of high quality beauty products, but low and behold after trying a few of the cosmetics I was quickly found to be eating my words! (Their lipsticks have proven the test of time and the shade ‘Desert’ is a staple of my make-up bag!)

Their latest seasonal collection is ‘Sisters of the New Moon’ and features metallic nail varnishes and bright sorbet lipsticks. I recently picked up the mascara from the range called ‘Lash Catcher’ and was really looking forward to trying it.

Topshop Lash Catcher Mascara

I had previously loved the first mascara they released a few years ago but this one totally exceeded any expectations I had! It’s brilliant! It has fibres in the formula so builds some serious volume and length. If you like voluminous lashes with a hint of that doll-eyed, slightly clumpy look, then you’ll love this!

As with the whole ‘Sisters of the New Moon’ collection, the packing is whimsical and lovely. The wear is pretty good. It lasts all day on me and doesn’t smudge or budge.

It’s not cheap at ten pounds but I’ve found that high street brands are gradually putting their prices up further and further these days so I think it’s a fair price to pay for a great mascara. It’s definitely up there with my favourite high street options.