Sunkissed Bronzing -Fake Tan Holy Grail!

If you know me, you’ll be fully aware of my obsession with fake tan. I can’t get enough of the stuff, I blame it on my (naturally) typical Irish looks; skin that pale it would rival Edward Cullen’s, red hair, freckles etc etc. If I so much as look at the sun I turn into a lobster, the idea of a natural tan is one I can only dream of and sorry, but ‘working the pale’ just ain’t gonna happen. I simply look like I’m seriously ill/a vampire/a milk bottle – you get the gist.

So my savior comes in the form of a bottle of fake tan, and trust me I have tried em all! From high end luxury brands such as Xen Tan, Famous Dave’s, Sienna X, to cheap as chips St Moriz and Rimmel, and EVERYTHING in between.


I used to be a devoted St Tropez user before moving on to Xen Tan but this created a significant dent in my wallet, so for the past few months I’ve been using St Moriz mousse. At around £3.99 a bottle you can’t go wrong but recently I’ve been having a few problems with my dear St Moriz, namely, getting the damn stuff off me. Oh I have scrubbed until I am red raw, I’ve used every exfoliating scrub Boots has to offer, tried every trick in the book and yet still I am left with a rather unpleasant sort of scaly-effect, which generally looks like I’ve got some kind of skin disease. Not such a good look.

ANYWHO. A few months back, a good friend went to the PureBeauty Awards in London and brought back a goodie bag which included a new brand of tan I had (gasp!) never seen! It was a brown bottle of tanning mousse called ‘Sunkissed – Sunlight Bronzer’ and I of course jumped at the chance to try it.



Seriously, it’s amazing. Dries instantly leaving a gorgeous natural glow, then develops to a darker, beautiful natural bronze. It doesn’t patch off after a few showers, or give any kind of scaly looking effect, nor does it streak or all suddenly wash off the minute water touches it. It really is amazing. I like quite a dark tan, and 2 coats of this you are good to go,  with a nice dark yet natural bronze tan. It also smells pretty good, more like soap than anything else, and doesn’t come off on clothes at all. It can also be used on your face for a beautiful even finish! It comes in different forms (eg a lotion) but I generally tend to prefer a mousse tan so have yet to try it.

All in all, this is undoubtedly my tanning holy grail! It couldn’t be improved upon AT ALL and for £3.99 a bottle what’s not to love?!

You can buy it all over eBay and Amazon, but you can go to it’s website for full stockists – (and a heads up, that girl in the bikini on the home page? It will literally make you that colour.) But on a recent trip to Tesco’s I saw that they now stock it!  I salute you Tesco, I really do.


Let’s Talk Beauty! Interview Time

As you all know, I, along with thousands of other students out there are feeling the crunch of the recession as well as trying to feed their beauty addiction! So I decided to interview fellow student Ella Turner from Edinburgh, who like me, loves everything beauty, to see if her beloved beauty products would be taking a backseat now she’s a broke student at university…. listen in and let’s see! Thanks to Ella for taking some time out of her busy (cough cough wink wink) revision schedule to have a quick chat with me!

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